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                                                        TRAINING   SESSIONS


The Club's main training nights are on Mondays and Wednesdays at the following venues;


MONDAYS         Roman  Road  Leisure  Centre situated  in  the  Meole Brace School

                          car park,  Longden road, 6.30pm start.

                          Meet inside by the Reception area.  We split into 1 or 2  training groups.


WEDNESDAYS    The Column,Preston Street, small car park, starting at 6:30pm.

                                          This group caters for runners of all abilities.


                         All weekday training sessions normally last around an hour.

  We organise Sunday morning long runs, from 4 different locations. Full details of these

                runs will be  on  the website and available as a specific handout.


                                        LONDON MARATHON TRAINING SCHEDULE




                 February 11th   13     mile  from  Montford Bridge    start time 09:00           "

                        "        18th   14     mile  from  Haughmond Hill               "

                        "        25th   15.5  mile   from Lea Cross          START TIME 08:30

                   March      4th   17     mile   from Lea Cross                        "

                        "         11th  18     mile   from  Montford Bridge              "

                        "         18th   20    mile  from  Atcham                            "


                          THURSDAYS  from  the  COLUMN  -- all runs start at 6:30pm.


                                                  February   15th   7    mile

                                                        "           22nd  8    mile

                                                    March         1st   8   mile

                                                        "              8th  9   mile



           Other runners, whether Club runners or not, will be very welcome to join our

            London Marathon Training sessions. Please contact us via our Contact page

            for more information.

















 Members of other Clubs are very welcome to join in our training sessions,please

                       contact Dave Lacy, via our Contact page, for more information.