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                                                        TRAINING   SESSIONS


The Club's main training nights are on Mondays and Wednesdays at the following venues;


MONDAYS         Roman  Road  Leisure  Centre situated  in  the  Meole Brace School

                          car park,  Longden road, 6.30pm start.

                          Meet inside by the Reception area.  We split into 2 or 3 training groups.


WEDNESDAYS    The Column,Preston Street, small car park, starting at 6:30pm.

                                          This group caters for runners of all abilities.


                         All weekday training sessions normally last around an hour.

  We organise Sunday morning long runs, from 4 different locations. Full details of these

                runs will be  on  the website and available as a specific handout.


                                    PRE  XMAS  SUNDAY TRAINING SESSIONS


         These sessions will be very suitable for London Marathon entrants to use as a

          build up prior to our more intensive specific training starting in January 2018.

          Non London Marathon entrants can also join in these sessions taking short cuts

          if preferred.



           October    29th   8    mile from Atcham             start  time  09:00

          November  5th    8   mile from Haughmond Hill    "        "       "

                 "         12th   9    mile from Lea- Cross            "        "       "

                 "         19th   9    mile  from Montford Bridge   "        "       "

                 "         26th   9    mile from Atcham                  "       "       "

           December  3rd 10   mile from  Haughmond Hill    "       "       "

                 "        10th 10.5  mile from Lea-Cross             "       "        "

                 "         17th  12  mile  from Montford Bridge    "       "        "

                 "         24th  6 - 8.5 mile from the Column       "       "        "

                 "         31st  6 - 8.8 mile from the Column       "       "        "


          Members of other Clubs are very welcome to join in our training sessions,please

                       contact Dave Lacy, via our Contact page, for more information.